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International Students on the Up in the USA

Friday, 21 July 2017 10:49

The latest American study information from May of this year has seen an increase up 2% for international student populations across the nation. The USA Homeland Security data has noted there are now an impressive 1.18 million international students with F (academic) or M (vocational) visa status studying at 8,774 higher education schools in the country. Conducted by the “SEVIS by the Numbers” biannual report, trends appear to be continuing to rise for Chinese and Indian students in particular. Students of Asian origin are flocking to the Western world (and in particular the USA) to pursue high quality further study at long-standing institutions, with the figures now stating as many as 77% of international students are made up Asia-Pacific origin. 

Key interests for such students have been translated into numbers to reveal that a high majority – nearly 514,000 international students – set out to chase degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) subject fields. The figures mark out an 8% rise in interest for STEM subjects since last year as the developing world continues to evolve to depend on digital and technological resources. 

The highest area of impact for the strong surge in international student populations appears to be the northeast region of the country, which was up 4% when compared with May of the previous year. In particular New York and Massachusetts were greatly hit as they welcomed 4,490 and 2,770 international students respectively. This being said, Arkansas, Kentucky and Maryland also all saw significant growth in international students enrolled in their higher education systems this year. Notably the south of the country claimed the highest rise in interest for internationals partaking in master’s degrees in 2017. 

Whilst the Department of State uses SEVIS to protect national security by ensuring that all students and schools comply with US laws, all individuals can also explore more international student data by visiting the Study in the States’ interactive mapping tool. The full and up to date latest “SEVIS by numbers” report can also be viewed here for those interested. 

- By Emily Kong