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Postgraduate Study in London

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 16:37

So you’ve finished your undergraduate degree and are ready to delve into the world of postgraduate study – but where to begin? From big cities all around the world, London is up there with the best of them. Here are a few reasons why you should study in one of the best capitals on the planet:

The social and cultural aura that London exudes is not one to miss. From world-class theatre, to some of the most contemporary clubs around, London is a fantastic city for when you want a break from all the hard work you will no doubt be doing on your course! Here is just a sample of what you can get up to when you study in London:

1. Theatre
Escape to another world at one of the world’s leading theatres on the famous Shaftesbury Avenue. Performances such as The Lion King and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will take your mind off the deadlines, at least for the night!

2. Comedy
There are a number of fine establishments in London that specialise in making people laugh, something that you will most definitely appreciate after a long day of studying in the Library! Places such as the The Comedy Café in Soho will have you belly-laughing until you get home.

3. Cinemas
The number of independent cinemas means that there are a large number of options for you to explore for when you want to sink into a leather sofa with a drink in hand and enjoy a good film!

4. Parks/biking
London is fortunate for its number of parks and its cycle-friendly nature, meaning that you can travel around the city and soak in its greenery when deadlines are looming and you need some fresh air! A personal favourite is Richmond Park, where you can deer watch on your travels.

As great as being in London is for your postgraduate study, it is perhaps even better for the job opportunities you will no doubt be thinking of come graduation. Due to its vastness and significance on the global stage, London is home to some of the world’s best companies and organisations. Universities in London such as Kingston University hold postgraduate job fairs which host companies, ready to help you kick-start your career. Kingston also has a dedicated team, whose job it is to help find a career for you once you graduate. As there are such a large number of companies housed in the capital, such as HSBC and KPMG, you will not be short of places to apply to!

Picking a postgraduate course can be difficult for anyone, and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed looking at university courses in one city, let alone a country! Thankfully, London has only the finest universities to offer. Asides from the calibre of London universities, with 11 universities being placed in the Guardian’s top 100 university rankings for business courses, the diversity of London means that students from over 200 countries study in the city each year. Therefore, you gain so much more than just an academic education owing to the social and cultural diversity.

By Qudrat Khan