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Study in the UK

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 11:52

If you’re considering going to university abroad to study at postgraduate level, as the next step in your academic life, why not study in the UK. Studying in the UK comes with a myriad of benefits, offering a robust academic experience as well as fantastic cultural insights. The UK is home to four of the top five universities in the world (QS), and is the second most popular destination for international students. An education in the UK is recognised by employers, governments and universities worldwide, thereby greatly improving the prospects for its international students in the global job market. The rich history, varied cuisine and amazing events in the UK have attracted generations of international students for decades, as has the affordability of its courses, due their shorter duration in comparison to other country's Masters degrees. Excellent teaching standards from world-renowned scholars and opportunities for self-development are some of the many great facets of a UK education. Each area of the UK offers something unique; from the global delights of London, through to the tranquility of the Welsh countryside. Read on to find out more about each region.


Scotland’s university sector provides exceptional quality and choice. The University of Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s ancient institutes and is embedded with historic significance and academic excellence. With 18 world-class institutions, Scotland offers its graduates the highest rates of employment and further study in the UK.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is renowned for its excellent universities, where fantastic teaching methods and research facilities are brought together to spark tangible success. As well as the rich history and culture, Northern Ireland is filled with breath-taking landscape and scenery, providing a well-rounded experience for all its students.


Wales welcomes thousands of international students from over 170 countries. With Cardiff University being one the most innovative, successful and cutting-edge in the UK, coupled with its Nobel Prize winning professors, it comes as no surprise that 91% of Welsh graduates are employed within six months of completing their degree

England-North East

Infused with a wonderful heritage, the North East of the UK boasts an exciting and robust educational experience. Established in 1832, Durham University is the third oldest higher education institute after Oxford and

Cambridge. Ranked highly in teaching standards, employer reputation and student satisfaction, universities in the North East are certainly strong contenders in the global platform.

England-North West

The North West of the UK is where some of the prestigious Russell Group universities are situated. The University of Manchester, for instance, is proud to be an esteemed university in a city with endless possibilities. The North West, an area synonymous with reinvention, is the place where your experience is what you make it.


Home to both University of Oxford and Cambridge, the Midlands is known for quality education. The universities in this area are amongst the top rated in the world, with notable alumni including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and major English poet William Wordsworth.


Universities in London have long-established reputations in teaching excellence. University College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Imperial College London are among the top world-ranking institutions that offer a multitude of courses. In London, there is a learning facility to suit everyone. Whether it is science, arts or humanities wherein one’s interest is peaked, London is the place to study.

England-South Coast

Universities in the UK’s South Coast offer international students a wealth of choice and experience. From the University of Brighton’s eccentric atmosphere and glorious seaside to the calming serenity of Chichester University, there is certainly something for everyone on the South Coast.

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