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Experiencing Europe through the Eyes of Locals

Monday, 28 July 2014 09:58

- AEGEE’s Summer University Project is the oldest and the most popular of its kind. It started in 1988 at time when the European Project was under pressure. Students decided to provide an international experience to other students, with low costs and with ways to adapt to student’s needs. The project enables participants to develop their soft skills and language skills and to discover places that they would have never travelled to otherwise.

Since then more than 2000 students have participated in the programme every year. These two week programmes take place from May until September, in more than 80 Summer Universities. The participation fee is set at a maximum of 170 Euros, which includes accommodation and food. The whole programme has been successfully run by volunteers for 26 years, and includes popular destinations such as Spain, Greece and Italy, but also places you would never have thought of travelling to.

Over the years, the project has grown into a life changing experience, for both participants and organisers. Every year, the Summer Universities have revolved around different thematic focuses such as: Spreading European Values, Youth Mobility, Youth Employment and other topics which have been of interest to European students.

The Summer University project has proven to be one of the most exciting, and cheapest options to travel to other countries. It also enables participants to meet people from countries that they did not have much knowledge of previously. Every year, thousands of volunteers start their work at the beginning of winter to offer participants a new way to communicate on an intercultural level and to provide them with unique  experiences. Thousands of participants from different nationalities, ages, genders, traditions, habits and interests live together for two weeks, in a small society where they can learn to adapt to and respect each other’s way of life.

The most obvious benefits to come from being a part of any Summer University are: new friendships, the opportunity to travel and the chance to learn about other countries lifestyles, but it is also an amazing opportunity for informal education. Skills such as communication and leadership, public speaking, conflict resolution, flexibility and even stress-resistance are only a few of the skills which you can develop by taking part.

The Summer University project is a place where everyone can learn more. Participants can practice their English, break existing stereotypes,  and experience other countries traditions through communication and by going to the famous European Night. At the same time organisers are gaining experience in project management and leadership, conflict management and teambuilding. The coordinators also get a unique experience of  working in a multicultural team throughout the whole year, whilst supporting all organizers and helping participants. 

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