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8 Cheap Nights out in Europe

Friday, 27 June 2014 13:55

By Qudrat Khan

- A selection of some of the best cheap nights out in Europe for international students.

Prague, Czech Republic
If you wanted to become a connoisseur of European beer, the Pivovarsky Klub is for you. Its 200+ types of beer, largely sourced locally, will definitely leave you with a sound knowledge of European beer. And a bit of a headache.

Berlin, Germany
One word describes Barbie Deinhoff’s and its clientele: outrageous. The fabulous drag queens, mixed with the local artists of the area, along with students lured in by the seemingly constant Happy Hour (2-4-1 Happy Hour from 6-9pm on weekdays or from 4pm on weekends), makes for a debauchery fuelled night.

Bar 68 – Barcelona, Spain
A bar that’s more on the ‘indie’ side of things is Bar 68. Covered by markets and cybercafés, this bar really comes into its own in part due to the affordable cocktails on offer. Bar 68 is a hedonistic joint, and not for the faint-hearted, so arrive knowing that you might not remember leaving.

Susie’s Saloon – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Set in the heart of the Red Light District is Susie’s Saloon, testosterone-fuelled bar with 5 TV’s showing you just about any sport imaginable. Drinks are cheap too, with Amsterdam being known for its Happy Hour, amongst other things. Prices start at €2.60.

London, England
A bar where you can have a (relatively cheap) cocktail slushie on a London roof sounds like the perfect summer dream. With views that encompass The City, Queen of Hoxton really does have it all. Not content with just being a bar, this East London joint can also call itself a pub, club and a rooftop cinema. The drinks are naughty (Touched For The Very First Time and Don’t Go To Dalston, to name a couple), the bar staff are bearded and cute and the food is barbecued to perfection. Go visit the Queen for a hipster night out you’ll remember for a while.

Joe’s Garage – Lagos, Portugal
Perhaps a little out of place with the quaint Portuguese image is Joe’s Garage, a rowdy bar that seemingly seeks inspiration from American colleges, with challenges such as the Centurion 100 Beer Challenge proudly advertised. Its notoriety has not gone unnoticed, with Dirty Sanchez finishing their European tour at the joint in 2013. Joe’s antics aren’t just reserved for land, however, they are part of a company that are also behind the Lagos Booze Cruise… Well, as the website says: ‘…get your ass down to Joe’s Garage and get serviced!’

Santorini, Greece
This uber-cool Jazz bar is probably one of the best places to nurse that hangover of yours, if you’re happy to do so with a Sangria in your hand and smooth Jazz, Latin and African music in your ear. Its laid-back nature makes it a stand out venue in the nightlife of Fira, and the perfect place to catch up with friends in a relaxing environment.

Dada Cultural Room – Sofia, Bulgaria
With contemporary art for sale on the walls, Dada Cultural Room is home to arty intellects who brood over cheap drinks and good tapas. The nights there are diverse, with a Jazz trio playing one night and a Tango-themed night the next. The Room is a place to go for a pleasant surprise and strong rum.

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