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Postgraduate Study in Spain

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 09:59

Great culture, food, weather and a vibrant nightlife make Spain one of the most attractive countries for graduates to study in. With almost 400 courses being taught in English in Spain and 12 universities to pick from, there’s no shortage of options, whether you want to experience the cosmopolitan Las Ramblas in Barcelona, the cultural and economic capital, Madrid or the gorgeous beach city of Marbella. You truly are spoilt for choice!

Studying in Spain also has the added benefit of being able to pick up a world language in its native environment. Spanish is the second-most spoken language worldwide and unlocks the door to most of South and Central America, so if you try and learn some Spanish, a whole new potential experience opens to you in the future.

One of the best ways to wind down after a day’s study is undoubtedly the aperitivo tapas culture. Sit down and friends in the evening, enjoying some typical Spanish cuisine with a glass of your favourite drink and exchange conversation whilst you build an appetite for dinner. Sound like an ideal evening? Every Spanish city is lined with bars offering this fantastic culture – every day! The snacks are almost always free and a glass of locally-sourced wine will only set you back somewhere between 2-3 euros.
Aside from the bar culture, Spain contains some of the most gorgeous architecture in Europe, boasting fine Roman, Renaissance and Baroque styles and innumerable museums and art galleries. Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are particular highlights, though no Spanish city will tell you they lack a rich cultural history – with evidence to prove it.

The capital of Spain lives up to its hype, with plenty of all-night shenanigans to keep you feeling young. Don’t be tempted to hit the bars at 9pm – Madrid doesn’t do early finishes. Arriving after midnight and getting home after dawn is the standard lifestyle here. However, it doesn’t have to be a crazy night to have fun in this vast city; the rules of siesta don’t really apply in a city as big as Madrid, so you can be sure to find bars open in the late afternoon to have a chilled out time. Madrid holds some of the best museums in Spain; Museo del Prado is perhaps one of the finest art galleries in Europe.

Universities offering English-taught Master’s in Madrid:
• Universidad Carlos III De Madrid
• IE School of Arts and Humanities, International University of Southern Europe

What can be said about Barcelona that people don’t already know? One of the most unique cities for combining ancient architecture, modern buzz and charming locals, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for graduates and tourists alike. Proudly considering themselves as Catalan, rather than Spanish, don’t expect to see Spanish flags waving here as you travel in between home and your university. Las Ramblas and its adjacent Plaça Reial offer the world-famous Barcelona experience whilst El Gotico and El Born are the real deal and you’re sure to meet likeminded students there.
Universities offering English-taught Master’s in Barcelona:
• European University
• Global Business School
International University of Southern Europe

Potentially the most idyllic destination in Spain, life in Marbella is always perfect. Offering 44 kilometres of coastline and a see-to-believe old town, Marbella offers the ideal environment for graduates to study in a new culture. Other nearby cities such as Seville, Granada and Cadiz are within easy reach so it’ll be impossible to get bored around here. George Clooney even resides here from time to time!
Universities offering English-taught Master’s in Marbella:
• Marbella International University Centre
• Marbella University

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