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Study in Holland

Friday, 14 February 2014 11:33

By Cathy Macleod

Holland is steadily becoming a more popular destination to study abroad, and now has over 80,000 international students from all over the world gaining their degrees there. Holland’s higher education is known for being very high quality, with a choice of over 1800 programs for international students. It’s recognised as having excellent institutions and research facilities and in 2013 there were 12 universities in the country that were on the Times’ World University Ranking list. It was the first country to offer courses taught in English on the European continent.

If you are considering continuing your studies past your undergraduate degree why not study in Holland?   The Netherlands offers around 850 different Masters courses which are taught in English. This degree will help you to improve your knowledge and skills, and will prepare you for a position in your desired field. You may complete a full or part time degree, depending on whether you are completing a work placement at the same time. Part time degrees allow you to gather real world experience which will help you, both within your classes, and in the future with your career. Your degree may also require you to do some applied research, based on the experience you’ve gained at work. Earning your Masters can last between one to four years.

Your masters will teach you how to conduct your research independently, coming up with your own results in your specific field. There are several different types of masters degrees that you can chose from, depending on what you’re really interested in. You can fulfil an academic masters which will prepare you for your future employment, a teacher training course or a research masters, in which you will be conducting your own scientific research.

If you’re very serious about carrying on your studies why not pursue a PhD. This is a long term commitment and takes at least four years to complete. It involves conducting independent research whilst constructing your dissertation. This is considered as serious research and making the decision to gain your doctorate is a massive one, so you need to make sure that Holland is the right place for you to do it. There is a huge choice of research fields for you to pick from. Your PhD will be highly regarded as the standards of academia are so high in Holland. It is the fourth most successful country in the rankings for the impact that a piece of research has.

Dutch universities offer a unique form of learning. A huge emphasis is placed on interactive learning, not just between students but also between lecturers and their students. This is due to a respect for each person’s ideas and opinions and can lead to highly innovative results, as students discuss and learn from each other.  Lecturers will ask their students questions, getting them to think about the information given to them and being critical about this information is encouraged. Learning interactively gives students the chance to meet others from cultures from all over the world. Internships and work placements are also encouraged.

Universities work closely with businesses and many lecturers have strong connections with people from different businesses. Students benefit from this and lecturers can help students with work placements, allowing them to gain experience in the field of their choice and to help build their CVs.

The country has a huge amount to offer culturally, and there is so much to see and do. Whether visiting museums, taking boat trips, relaxing at the beach or exploring Holland’s city centres, it’s very difficult to get bored. Students also get the perks of discounts at museums, bars, restaurants and cinemas. Individual universities also have their own student unions, clubs and societies, to bring students together and learn and experience new things. It is also very easy to travel around surrounding Europe on the train, making international travel accessible.

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