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5 Reasons to Study in China

Thursday, 28 May 2015 11:02

By Michael Grundy

China is fast becoming a popular destination for international graduates looking to compete in the global jobs market, for a number of compelling reasons:

1. Economy:

It is well known that China’s economy is on the rise, and this rapid expansion extends to its universities too. There are already more than 250,000 foreign students in the country, and the government has set a target of increasing this to half a million by 2020, offering generous scholarships for international students. China’s increased economic standing, and its increased investment in universities, makes it an increasingly attractive destination for a graduate degree.

2. China’s place in the world:

As China’s economy rises, so too does its position as a global power. By the middle of this century it is estimated that it will overtake that of the United States. With the rise of the Chinese middle class, more Chinese venture capital is being invested overseas, and it is predicted by many that China will itself become an increasingly attractive market for outside business start-ups. China is in a position to determine future business, economic and cultural trends that will affect all of us the world over.

3. Universities:

In a recent ranking of universities within BRICS countries, 40 of the top 100 places were occupied by Chinese universities, including seven of the top 10. The top 2 in China are prestigious Beijing institutions, Tsinghua University and Peking University, with other important centres of education found in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Xi’an. Together with government investment and their encouragement of international students, these universities are fast becoming ideal locations for business courses. An added bonus for many is that tuition fees at Chinese universities are significantly lower than in many other countries.

4. Business Culture:

Studying a business degree in China will give graduates an ideal opportunity to get to know the unique Chinese business culture, or ‘Guan Xi’ (relations). With a graduate degree in China comes the chance to expand your network, and to build friendships that could become future professional connections. As China becomes ever more important on the global business stage, the chance to experience first-hand the different economic system, and how the Chinese themselves do business, will undoubtedly prove increasingly invaluable over the coming years. Studying in China of course also presents an ideal opportunity to learn Mandarin. This is no easy task, but on a business level graduates will reap the rewards of mastering the world’s most widely-spoke mother tongue.

5. Lifestyle and Culture:

China is becoming an ever more vibrant, artistic and cultural centre, and in many of the larger cities one can observe an exciting juxtaposition of the old and the new, where East truly meets West. Beijing in particular has a burgeoning arts scene, with the country becoming an important player on the global arts stage. Those considering a move to China should also remember that the cost of living is relatively cheap by Western standards, and one can really make the most of living here. There are countless cultural, historical and natural attractions to see in this vast country, and there is always something new to eat, somewhere new to go and a new adventure to have.

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