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10 Reasons to Study Public Health

Thursday, 10 October 2013 14:01

With the wealth of postgraduate courses available, choosing what you’re really interested in can be a daunting prospect. Have you considered Health and Social Care? Whether you want to build on a related undergraduate degree, study alongside a current job or start your exploration of Health and Social Care, there is a course for you and the advantages of these programmes should not be underestimated.

1. Vocational Skills: Whilst boosting your intellectual knowledge of health and social care, postgraduate courses can uniquely balance this with the provision of a wealth of vocational skills that will lead you into your future career.  Through universities’ collaboration with the NHS and care trusts, you can gain the real experience that future employers are looking for.

2. New Pathways: With the growth of technology and the modernisation of health and social care, the pathways in healthcare provision are continually growing. Consequently, the opportunities for health and social graduates are better than ever, with health professionals’ demand for such postgraduates growing year or year with newfound opportunities and leadership roles.

3. Flexibility: At postgraduate level, universities pride themselves on the on the way that they can offer a flexible course tailored to you. This can mean that working commitments and distance are no issue, you can work full-time alongside your degree and have the same opportunities and resources offered to all students.

4. Stand out: Some graduates may wish to go into the world of work straight from university, whereas by continuing your education at a top university for your field you can work to acquire experience and knowledge. This will set you apart from rival applicants and truly make an impression on potential employers.

5. Be at on the front line of research:  At postgraduate level the choice is yours – be it to study on a largely research based level or through direct teaching. Either way, your university will involve you with their research at a new level than ever experienced as an undergraduate. In this booming area of research the possibilities are endless.

6. The choice is yours: Postgraduate courses in Health and Social care offer a wide range of modules and flexibility. This allows you to study what you’re interested in, in the way that suits you and your passions.

7. Personal  Development: The challenges and experiences that post-graduate study poses not only foster your professional development, but take you on a journey that will see the your inter-personal and soft skills flourish.  This is achieved through small group study and the way which you will liaise with top professionals in your field.

8. Be the leader: Postgraduate courses are all about you. Through studying at this level you are given new opportunities to lead your own future by taking on this step to boost your career opportunities. Equally, leadership skills are developed through the focus on student led seminars, where you can share what you know to your peers.

9. Networking: On a postgraduate course you’ll meet a huge pool of people of different backgrounds and with different goals but all sharing common interests. Through this not only will you have a new network of like-minded individuals but, alongside the work you do with health and social care professionals, you will be able to build a network of contacts to further your career opportunities all the more.

10. Conversion: Not many 18 year olds truly know what they want to do with their future, it is often halfway through embarking on an undergraduate degree that true interests are realised. But it’s not too late. Through postgraduate education you can achieve your goals of entering into a career in health and social care through a course that truly meets your interests.

If you think that a course in Health and Social Care may be suited to you then now is your chance to take action. Consider these useful links that could help you take the first steps towards a postgraduate degree in this field.
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By Eve Stanger


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