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BusinessBecause Q & A

Wednesday, 08 January 2014 16:36

We spoke to Kate Jillings co-founder of BusinessBecause to find out why the website is so popular with business minded graduates and what advice she has for people thinking about taking a postgraduate business degree or MBA.

Q: What is Business Because?
A: BusinessBecause is the network for the business school world, connecting people before, during and after their MBA. With 22,000 members and 150,000 monthly visitors, BusinessBecause offers a buzzing community to read daily b-school news, find MBA jobs and connect with MBAs internationally.

Q: Why should a future MBA student use the site?
A: A prospective MBA can use the BusinessBecause site in a number of different ways. Firstly, they can research different business schools by searching for info in the 'Search' box, browsing the school profile pages or reading personal interviews with hundreds of MBAs at different campuses around the world. Secondly, they can message current MBAs/ recent alumni from a school they're interested in, to ask advice about the school and the application process. Thirdly, they can message school admissions directors directly or get in touch with various Admissions Consultants for support with essy-writing and GMAT prep!

Q: Besides MBAs what else does Business Because cover?
A: We publish weekly news stories relating to business careers - not exclusively for MBAs but more widely. If you're considering setting up your business you might find our SME Profiles and entrepreneur insights helpful. If you'd like to work for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Microsoft or Bain & Co, check out our weekly 'Inside View' interviews with Talent Directors at these big companies. We also run regular features on wide range of business masters courses - not just the MBA but a range of finance, marketing and other specialist Masters.

Q: What would be your advice for a student looking at potentially studying an MBA?
A: Think about five things. 1 - if you're applying to study full-time, have you visited the campus and can you imagine spending a year (or two) of your life there? 2 - will the MBA programme help with your future career goals and does the school have a good track record of supporting students in to the types of jobs you're interested in? 3 - Have you spoken to current students/ recent alums to garner a range of perspectives - pros and cons - of the programme? 4 -  does the class profile seem right for you? The age range, mix of backgrounds, average GMAT, years of work experience etc - can you see yourself meshing well? 5 - are your nearest and dearest on this journey with you? If you're planning to relocate and knuckle down to study hard for an MBA have you got your partner/ family on side!

Q: What are the benefits to someone who has undertaken an MBA?
A: The benefits of an MBA can be very different for different people. Some find an MBA a useful transition to a new career. Some use an MBA to 'take time out' - maybe to reconsider job options or to work on a business plan for a new company. Some learn core business and finance skills on an MBA that can be implemented in their future work. Some build an MBA network that helps step-change their future career. The benefits are potentially far-reaching! 

Q: Is it important where you go to study an MBA?

A: Most top-ranked MBA programmes offer similar course content, but different schools will have strengths in particular management fields or links with specific industries. Pick a school that makes sense for your future career.  Without sounding too flippant, which b-school do you want to name-drop when you're in a job interview or at a drinks party in 5 years time?

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