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Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider an MBA

Thursday, 30 June 2016 18:11

Completing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a sign that you are serious about your profession and have the knowledge and experience to get right to the top. As this post will show, there are at least ten good reasons why you should let an MBA take your career prospects to the next level.

1)      Endless Possibilities, Total Control

An MBA is designed to allow you to take exactly what you want from the course. A specialist course will focus on specific subjects such as finance management or business strategy and is ideal for those who are looking to develop a specific skill or expertise. For others, a general qualification with a wider focus might be more suited. This style of course will allow you to study a variety of areas and develop overall management skills and entrepreneurial vision.

2)      Improved Salary Prospects 

If you would like to earn more money in your career, an MBA is a statistically proven method of achieving your ambition. According to the Association of MBA’s, most graduates earn over £80,000 in their career after studying and gaining their MBA qualification. If you want to improve your earnings, , an MBA is one route that will increase your career potential and is worth considering.

3)      Get A Boost Up The Career Ladder

If career progression is important to you, then you will be pleased to hear that a survey by the Association of MBA’s showed that the number of respondents in senior management roles rose from 12.8% to over a third after graduation.

4)      Enhance Your Personal Development

An MBA graduate will leave with academic techniques and professional knowledge that will not only enhance their career potential, but their network too. Many former MBA students state that the course helped them to develop personal skills such as professional confidence, decision making, empathy and teamwork.

5)      Potential Scholarship and Funding

Finance doesn’t have to be a barrier between you and the potential uplifts an MBA could give your career. Although some students are self-funded, there are alternative ways to fund an MBA qualification. Most universities now offer many scholarships each year that give selected applicants a helping hand in getting their MBA off the ground. Others are sponsored by forward thinking employers who choose to invest in their employees utilising the knowledge and the skills they will learn to enhance their business.

6)      Meet Like-Minded People

During your MBA, you will forge relationships with fellow professionals and colleagues that will fire your imagination. Completing a qualification like this is a unique opportunity to meet fellow professionals who will inspire you and with whom you can share advice and experience. 

7)      Create a Business Network

Out of the people you meet during your MBA, it is entirely possible that one of your course members or course leaders could become an important future business connection. If you get stuck in and contribute as much as possible to your MBA, you will inevitably make connections that could one day be instrumental to your business ambitions down the line.

8)      Experience New Ways of Working

An MBA programme can allow you to experience methods of working you may otherwise never get a chance to see and you can study firsthand how businesses work, both in the UK and abroad. Whether it is a business trip to China or a residential study week away in the US, an MBA offers a unique chance to gain insight into different business cultures.

9)      Prepare for the Real World

Universities understand the importance of teaching courses designed to give students a knowledge of the new industries that shape modern business, as well as real world situations. Programmes such as Digital Management allow students to develop a deep understanding of how modern business operates. Likewise, a Health and Social Care course can give you the knowledge of how to face up to a broad range of real world business experiences before facing them head on in your career. 

10)   Increased Credibility

If you think one day you’d consider a move away from being employed by an organisation, an MBA offers you a fantastic method of making yourself stand out as a credible expert in your field. An MBA qualification shows mastery, dedication and a high level of competency. All of these are skills you would want to be recognised for if you chose to venture out on a solo business idea.

Michael Palmer is a writer for Manchester Metropolitan University, who offer a variety of different MBA courses. For more information, download their free guide to studying for an MBA