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Studying an MBA in Florida

Friday, 14 February 2014 11:45

Florida is famous for being one of the world’s  leading tourist sites and has so much to offer a student interested in taking an MBA.

Why Is Florida The Place To Be?
Famous for its attractions, including Orlando and Miami, scenery and hot and sunny weather, Florida is definitely one of the hottest places to be right now!

Attraction Parks
Florida has a huge variety of theme parks, wildlife resorts and attraction centers. During your MBA studies why not take a trip down to Universal Studios and experience some of the movies we all know and love? Head to SeaWorld and witness some of nature’s most majestic creatures before your own eyes? Explore the thrill and fear in Epcot, Island of Adventure? Or embrace the child within you and relive the happy memories of your favourite characters at Disney World? The list is endless and should keep you incredibly busy.

Florida offers some of America’s most beautiful beaches including those in Miami. However, there is a great deal to see and do across the entire state’s coast – beach hikes, beach parties, sunbathing, swimming. The beaches are sublime and provide a perfect setting for relaxation and time out from your studies.

Cities and Nightlife
This stunning state caters for everyone, no matter what your interests are. Whether you would prefer shopping at the hottest high-street names, visiting the state’s fascinating sites or, for the party animals among you,  sampling the roaring nightlife, Florida’s beautiful cities offer a great lifestyle for just about everyone.. And don’t  forget, of course, celebrity Miami,  the striking land of luxury. Visit and enjoy yourself in nothing less than pure style!

Economics in Florida is of course an  important consideration for any MBA student. The state is predominantly built around international trade, tourism, the space industry and agriculture. A great deal, roughly 40%, of exports from North America to South America pass through Florida. Tourism in Florida attracted 87.3 million visitors in 2011, with an impact of around $67 billion to Florida’s economy. In Florida $4.1 billion of the state’s economy is represented by the space industry. Finally 67% of the US’ oranges were grown in Florida.

MBAs Across Florida
In regards to studying an MBA, there is a huge variety of universities spread throughout the state. The most popular location to study is Miami, which has around 15 different universities and colleges to choose from. Some of these are specialist universities, such as Thunderbird School of Global Management focusing mainly on Global Management and Business.  Many institutions are situated in fantastic locations such as right on the beach and even some in Miami Gardens. There are also a number of  religiously-affiliated institutions, meaning that Florida provides a large variety of university style options.

Orlando is another popular location for study, with around 5 accredited MBA universities. Again this provides a good spectrum of different study locations and institution styles.  Most areas of interest for MBAs can be found in the heart of Orlando, alongside a large number of the tourist attractions that  the state is so famous for.

These are not the only universities that Florida has to offer, though. If you do not wish to study in large, built up areas  some of Florida’s 50-plus universities  can be found in rural locations. Again, these accommodate most course module interests and provide a good deal of choice.

If you are looking for a university with lots of ethnic and cultural diversity then the state also tailors for this with multiple international universities. The most famous of these would be the Florida International University in Miami. FUI offers more than 120 graduate degrees and certificates with a good variety of MBAs including their International MBA, Healthcare MBA and Executive MBA courses.

International students in Florida have a huge choice of courses, universities and locations to suit their tastes and needs. This popular tourist location has so much to offer anyone interested in doing an MBA and is definitely worth looking into if you are considering studying for a postgraduate qualification abroad. Student life will never be dull or uneventful here and you are sure to have a very exciting time.

Fact File
• In 2011 it was estimated that around 87.3 million tourists visited Florida with an economic impact of $67 billion dollars, making it one of the world’s top tourist locations.
• In 2011 , the population of Jacksonville was estimated at 827,908 and in Miami it was 408,750.
• In the summer, Florida has an average temperature of 26.9C in the north and 28.2 in the south. In the winter, this drops to  11.7C in the north and 20.3C in the south.
• Florida has 1,800 miles of coastline, providing lots of beautiful beaches.
• It has 100,000 campsites with 6 million people camping each year.
Useful Websites

Universities That Offer an MBA in Florida

• University of Florida - Warrington College of Business Administration - Hough Graduate School of Business
• Florida International University (FIU)
• University of Miami School of Business
• University of Central Florida - College of Business Administration
• Florida State University
• The University of Tampa - John H. Sykes College of Business
• Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
• University of South Florida (USF)
• Florida Atlantic University
• University of North Florida (UNF) - Coggin College of Business
• Rollins College - Crummer Graduate School of Business
• Lynn University
• University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
• Nova Southeastern University (NSU) - H. Wayne Huizenga
• Florida Southern College
• Florida Institute of Technology
• Florida Gulf Coast University
• Palm Beach Atlantic University
• Barry University - Andreas School of Business
• Thunderbird School of Management - Miami Campus
• Stetson University
• Schiller International University - Florida
• St. Thomas University
• Saint Leo University
• Everglades University
• University of West Florida
• Kaplan University
• Southeastern University
• Hodges University
• Webber International University


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