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15 Reasons to Study Graduate Law

Thursday, 16 July 2015 14:46

• Discover alternative pathways into law.

• An LLM (Masters of Law) is an internationally recognised qualification.

• Become more established and build contacts.

• Boost your potential earnings.

• Gain an extra edge in an ever-more competitive industry.

• Become an expert in a highly specialised area of law.

• Gain further access to in-depth legal training.

• For some areas of the law, postgraduate qualification is a pre-requisite.

• Anyone interested in business, further Law qualifications can be highly advantageous.

• Bolster an average undergraduate performance

• Reinforces your commitment to the legal profession.

• For access into teaching, Postgraduate degrees are essential.

• The international legal market can offer opportunities to learn a new language while studying.

• Can offer a respected higher qualification for career changers.

The LLM a Quick Guide:

When the job market is becoming increasingly harder to infiltrate, further education is an appealing option for those looking to avoid the harsh realities of graduate life while also gaining superior training that can make you stand out amongst the heavily congested crowd. When it comes to law, it is no different and the LLM (Masters of Law) is the internationally acknowledged postgraduate law degree that caters to this. While lawyers are not required to hold an LLM degree, it is a unique and unparalleled qualification that can be tailored to your future career aspirations. There are a wide range of LLM programmes available in the UK alone, allowing law students and professionals to add an additional credential to their CV and allow you to gain a specialty and superior training. You can become an expert in a specialised area with an LLM including tax law, environmental law and human rights – the options are endless. The LLM degree is a significant long term investment in your future but there are some conditions you must adhere to before you begin your application. 

Requirements for the LLM program vary depending on the respective institution, but generally applicants are expected to have a pre-existing honours degree in law (usually 2:2 and above) OR a good honours degree in a relatable discipline. In some instances, significant legal experience is also required. If you hold the required pre-requites, then the LLM is the best option for anyone looking to further their intellectual curiosity and crucially invest in their future.

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