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Ten Reasons to Study an LLM

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:10

By Amy Austin

 - LLM is the common abbreviation for ‘Masters of Law’ coming from the Latin ‘Legum Magister’. An LLM is often studied by those that have already got an undergraduate degree in law.  Most universities allow those without a first class honours degree in law onto their course, however there are still some minimum requirements such as an undergraduate degree in law or even enough professional experience.

Having an LLM can be very rewarding; here are ten reasons why you should consider an LLM:

1. Opportunity to Specialize
Most LLMs require you to have already completed an undergraduate course in law; therefore you already know the basic legal principles. An LLM allows students to then study a specific area of law in much more detail. This means you can then go on to become a lawyer in a specialist subject such as Insurance law etc.

2. Stand Out
It will look amazing on your CV and will allow you to stand out from other candidates. It shows that you have added skills that other law graduates will not have therefore opens the door to new job prospects. Many employers look for people that have a postgraduate degree, enabling you to become the perfect candidate.

3. Deepens Knowledge
By completing an LLM you will be given further training. Things that were too complex and confusing to be taught in an undergraduate course will now be available. With this deeper knowledge you are able to go on to bigger firms, meaning a higher salary.

4. Can Teach
To be able to teach law you often need an advanced degree, an undergraduate course on it’s own will not be enough. This opens the door to new experiences and a different career path, by teaching and not practicing law.

5. Can Travel
LLM’s are available in lots of different countries; this provides the perfect opportunity to study your LLM in another country. Whilst you are learning, you can also gain whole new experiences and a change of scenery.

6. Become a Barrister
A Masters in Law can eventually help enable you to become a barrister. By having a masters under your belt it will strengthen your application significantly. It shows that you have a passion for law by having studied it for another year.

7. International
Having an LLM is a must if you plan to work for international organisations in places such as the USA, EU etc. An LLM is widely accepted all over the world, giving you more options for countries that you can work in.

8. Scholarships
These are much more likely to be offered to prospective LLM students rather than other law students.

9. Changing Universities
You have the option to study your LLM in a higher ranking university, if you do well in your undergraduate course. This will look great on your CV by having a reputable university but will also give you more confidence by showing that you have furthered yourself.

10. Another Year to Prepare
By doing an LLM you have another year to become more knowledgeable in your course and gain the opportunity to get more work experience before you head out to search for a job. This will make you more attractive to future employers.


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