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Funding Your LL.M

Friday, 14 February 2014 11:29

One of the most daunting prospects for many students considering studying for an LL.M abroad is how to fund their degree.

Grants & Scholarships
Grants and scholarships are available from governments and private foundations. These are awards you do not need to repay. Scholarships are general merit-based for LL.M. programmes are therefore only awarded to exceptionally high achieving students. Scholarships, are generally very competitive.

However, there are also other grants that are offered to some students. These are offered to students from particular religions, ethnicities, nationalities, or academic interest groups.
Law Schools often offer merit-based scholarships and grants to the best LL.M applicants. The first thing to do if you think you might qualify for this type of financial support is to contact the university’s financial aid offices. They will provide you with help and advice and can tell you about some of the more unusual grants which are available.

A number of banks and lenders offer loans to international students. .Make sure that you pay close attention to the terms, conditions, and rates that apply to these loans. Some loans, such as Stafford Loans in the United States or Career Development Loans in the United Kingdom, can be subsidized by the government if one can demonstrate financial need or eligibility for government assistance

Here are a selection of organisations’ websites which should be useful to you.
For Grants & Scholarships:
 Fulbright Commission -
 British Council -
 British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
 DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service -
 Nuffic (Netherlands) -
 educationUSA - United States State Department Guide for International Students -
 Institute of International Education (IIE) -
 Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program -
 American Association of University Women International Fellowships -
 -
 The American-Scandinavian Foundation -

 Citibank Student Loans -
 Sallie Mae Student Loans -


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