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Hospitality & Tourism - The Benefits of Graduate Study

Thursday, 16 July 2015 14:40

By Rachael Adams

If you’re interested in a career in the hotel industry or see yourself venturing into the tourist market, taking on further study in hospitality and tourism may be the right path for you. 

Hospitality encompasses all kinds of food service and travel business from hotels, restaurants to cruise ships and you can choose a course tailored to your interests allowing you to succeed and become a leader in a competitive world. 

Although careers in hospitality and tourism have a variety of titles to go by its importance in the world of business is less ambiguous; it is the largest business activity on the planet, plays an essential part in the global economy and is omnipresent in our day to day lives. As such, students with higher qualifications related to this industry are in high demand and in response more graduate programmes are being developed to supply this need. Therefore the ample benefits of studying a Masters or equivalent qualification in this field are clear to see. These courses aim to best prepare students for the most popular job roles in the industry.

With it being such a highly expanding sector the opportunities to choose from can be vast. With courses offering a combination of academic theory and up-to-date industry knowledge, there are a variety of prestigious career opportunities open to you. Course topics offer a broad spectrum of training, ranging from hospitality law, project management through to customer service. 

There are numerous hospitality courses out on offer across the globe. Students gain the opportunity to learn how to become managers in this vibrant, dynamic and ever expanding field. 

These courses are offered on the international scene and studying overseas is becoming an increasingly desirable option with students travelling to interesting places all over the globe to complete their education and gain the experience of a lifetime. Not only does studying these courses abroad provide a great range of educational opportunities but it also enables students to enhance their CVs. Students therefore gain a greater international outlook that employers admire. This will also broaden your horizons and by gaining wide cultural exposure. Students can learn a new language, travel and expand their social networks by making contacts across the globe.


Switzerland offers the best in terms of education and lifestyle with its scenic backdrops and cultural diversity. It is a dream destination for many jet setters and to follow suit it has become a popular place for students to further their education, learn valuable skills and open up endless job opportunities. Switzerland’s multicultural society offers a diverse range of languages to acquire while studying including German, French and Italian – indispensable skills for any budding young graduate looking to make their way in the world.

Switzerland is renowned for its high quality of life and thrives on its reputation as the birthplace of hospitality. With Switzerland’s history of an exclusive clientele and commitment to the highest quality service it is evidently a match made in heaven for potential students of hospitality and tourism. 

Gilon Institute of Higher Education is one of Switzerland's top hospitality business schools. As a top ranking institution it provides world-class Masters courses delivering uniquely flexible degrees and focus on skills in leadership, date analysis and research in order to equip students with crucial skills to meet contemporary business challenges.


France is also a great destination for those looking to pursue a hospitality Masters. Like Switzerland, France offers a combination of educational excellence as well as an enviable reputation for superiority in the hospitality sector. La Rochelle Business School offers Master’s degrees in tourism and tourism management. Like many other international institutions these programmes empower students to further develop international awareness.


The UK also offers fantastic courses with an international reputation. The UK offers experience with an industry that is constantly growing and continuously adapting to consumer demands. UK based courses have a reputattion providing students with the most up-to-date industry knowledge.

It is also worth noting the prestigious Glion Institute of Higher Education now has a London campus.

If this exciting industry and the diverse opportunities it creates appeal to you, you need only apply to start your career. The pre–requites for these courses usually require a bachelor’s degree in a related subject area or extensive industry experience. Just remember, the hospitality industry offers a stimulating, international work environment and a wide array of career paths and job opportunities. With 8.7% of worldwide employment being in travel and tourism the industry has an exciting future ahead of it and with these opportunities for further study; you too can be a part of this future. So, get researching and see whether the hospitality and tourism market is for you.

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