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International Scholarships for Engineering Students

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 13:48

As future creators of railway lines, waterways, roads and space shuttles, to name some of the first things that spring to mind, engineering students are crucial to the development of society. And to support this future contribution, universities and other organizations offer plenty of engineering scholarships and fellowships. 

In recent years, scholarships for engineering students, as well as other STEM scholarships for mathematics, technology and science students, have been becoming more recognized and plentiful in number, allowing many more prospective STEM students to achieve their educational and career ambitions. 

Below is a list of current engineering and other STEM scholarships from around the world. We hope this helps you on your way to finding some university funding!


KUT PhD Engineering Scholarships for International Students – scholarships for engineering students studying towards a PhD at Kochi University of Technology (KUT) in Japan. 

• Ting Hsin Scholarship at Waseda University – engineering and science scholarships available to master’s degree students at Wasida University in Japan. Students must be from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau. 


• Malaysia International Scholarships (MIS) – international scholarships funded by the Malaysian government and awarded to incoming students at Malaysian universities. Priority given to science and engineering students. 


• National University of Singapore – research scholarships for international students.



• TU Delft Scholarships – scholarship opportunities for geosciences and civil engineering students studying at master’s level at TU Delft in the Netherlands. 


• QMUL International Science and Engineering Excellence Awards – various UK scholarships for international students to study engineering at Queen Mary University of London in the UK. 

• University of Strathclyde Engineering Scholarships – wide selection of UK scholarships for engineering students studying at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, UK. 

• WMG Scholarships - WMG will be awarding over £500,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students commencing study on our full-time MSc programmes beginning in October 2015.

North America


• AACE International Scholarships – STEM scholarships for full-time students studying a related degree in engineering or other STEM subject. Separate funds available for US, Canadian and international students. 

• ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships – various science and engineering scholarships for incoming full-time students at accredited US institutions. Funded by ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers. 

• ASME Mechanical Engineering Scholarships – Mechanical engineering scholarships for students at all degree levels within the US and outside. Students must be members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 

• Engineers Foundation of Ohio 2014 Engineering Scholarships – US scholarships for incoming engineering students residing in Ohio, US. 

• Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholars Program – math, science, business and engineering scholarships for Native American students studying at undergraduate or graduate level at mainstream US universities or tribal colleges. 

• IIE Scholarships and Fellowships – scholarships for engineering students studying at IIE-accredited universities in the US. Funded by the IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) and open to US students of all degree levels. 

• National GEM Consortium Fellowships – graduate fellowships and scholarships for engineering students studying at PhD or master’s level at a GEM Member University in the US. 

• SHPE Foundation Scholarships – STEM scholarships for Hispanic students studying in the US who are also members of the SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers). 

• Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States Scholarship Program – merit-based graduate scholarships for engineering students and other STEM students to study at selected institutions in the US.


Curtin University Science and Industry Endowment Fund - need-based scholarships for engineering students at Curtin University in Western Australia. 

• Curtin Canning College Engineering International Scholarship – merit-based scholarships for international students studying engineering at Curtin University in Western Australia. 


• Amelia Earhart fellowship – scholarships for women in engineering studying for a doctorate or PhD in aerospace and engineering programs. 

• Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships – postgraduate scholarships for women in engineering, science and other STEM-related studies at universities worldwide. Funded by the Schlumberger Foundation. 

• CFSR Grants in Science and Engineering for Developing Countries – grants and scholarships for science and engineering students from developing countries to undertake postgraduate scientific research internationally. Funded by the Canon Foundation.

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