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Study Business in Germany

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 13:34

It makes sense to study business at graduate level in Germany for a number of compelling reasons, and placing yourself within Europe’s powerhouse economy isn’t the only one. 

Germany's business schools are definitely in the ascendance with German and international candidates enrolling in record numbers, thanks in part to fantastic course offerings and great career prospects. 

Germany is the “Land of Ideas”, the country is one of the largest higher education providers in Europe as well as one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world. It is the world’s most popular non-Anglophone study destination for international students. ‘Deutschland’s’ universities have competitive fee structures and an increasing number of Masters degrees especially in business are being delivered fully (or partly) in English. The German higher education sector has a strong emphasis on student mobility and student’s often take internships or make good use of exchange opportunities during their courses. 

Students from abroad wanting to study business at Masters level will most probably apply to one of Germany’s Universities of Applied Science or Fachhochschulen. These are practice-orientated and offer courses mainly in engineering, business administration, social sciences and design. They often have excellent relationships with employers which will provide internships, supervision during Masters dissertations and other opportunities for professional development. Amongst the 200 institutions of this type, you will find both public and private universities of applied science in Germany. 

Masters degrees in Germany usually last about 2 years but do not necessarily need to be taken consecutively and can be taken in segments. You will require about 120 ECTS credits, of which 30 will be obtained through the final dissertation or thesis. Masters programs are taught as a combination of lectures and seminars as well as internships, fieldwork and group projects, as required by your particular course. You may also have to present your thesis to a group or panel. 

There are very good reasons to study business and finance in Germany. It’s strong industrial base and growing service industry offers a high level of experience and credibility to any business student. Finance and marketing is also one of the country’s top 5 sectors. The gleaming skyscrapers of Frankfurt compete for financial and business sector superiority with all the world’s top commerce capitals, in fact Frankfurt is only second to London in Europe. Learning to communicate in German will also of course set you apart from other business and finance graduates.

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