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About PhD-cum-Scholarship Programme of NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS)

“NGS – New Generation Scientists” Pauline Erica Tay (NGS Ph.D. 2008) 

NGS embraces graduates who envision true innovation without boundaries. We invite graduates with a strong passion and aptitude for research to embark on cross-disciplinary research at the forefront of science, engineering, computing, related aspects of medicine, and interactive & digital media. Please visit for the comprehensive list of Research Areas we offer.  

Our fully-funded PhD-cum-Scholarship programme is open worldwide to

  • Outstanding Bachelor degree holders (or above), with excellent research potential in innovative, high-calibre research
  • From all branches of life, physical, computer and engineering sciences, and medicine with the following terms:
  • Fully-funded, with tuition fees waived for 4 year Most attractive monthly stipend* and allowances for books, international conferences and computer, and
  • Opportunities for Ph.D. research projects based both in Singapore, and USA/Europe/Japan/China/Australia/etc Note*: Based on the expense patterns of all our European and North American PhD students, our monthly stipend is more than enough to cover rent, utilities, transport, leisure and daily & necessary expense items.  

Also available:

  • Joint NUS-Karolinska Institute PhD in Bio-medicine, Bioengineering and related fields
  • Integrated PhD-MBA programme for students with strong entrepreneurial potential and interests   

 Details @

 What is Unique About Our PhD-cum-Scholarship Programmes

“.. NGS provides us a unique platform to freely initiate genuine interdisciplinary collaborations.. “ Bing Liu (NGS Ph.D. 2011) 

  • NGS: flexible and student-centred
  • Integrative PhD research projects, facilitated by joint- and multi-supervisory arrangements, put together by each student himself/herself according to individual research needs and interests
  • Rigorous selection of research-active PhD supervisors from various NUS Faculties/Schools ( & research institutes(, on the basis of outstanding publication record, commitment to graduate education, and an unwavering interest in tackling tough research problems in innovative ways, covering overarching spectrum of fields in science, engineering, computing and bio-medicine
  • Unique core curriculum with emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning, in combination with elective modules, that can be tailored to / by each student  

About Our Students and Alumni 

NGS’ PhD students across various research disciplines regularly clock up international honours. They produce publications in top-tier prestigious journals, such as Science, PNAS, ChemComm, Nature, and the Physical Review series, on top of receiving recognition for their research findings in international forums, conferences, and its like. The more outstanding ones amongst have also been highlighted by various technical and regular media outlets for their research breakthroughs or boundary-pushing discoveries. Please refer to NGS’ website for samples of students’ research, publications, honours received and media coverage.

Naturally, NGS’ graduates moved on to successful careers in diverse vocations and locations across the globe. These range from R&D in the private and non-profit sectors, post-doctoral fellowships and a return to academia to nurture the next generations of research scientists, to start-ups  spawn from ideas and interests cultivated during the students’ PhD candidature. Unsurprisingly, there is also quite a handful who thrive in non-research professions by applying what they have gained from their PhD training.

The commonality, though, is these graduates invariably cite NGS’ collaborative and integrative research infrastructure, culture and “freedom” to be immensely beneficial to their PhD research pursuits, and now, varied careers. 

“(NGS has) equipped (me) with the vast scientific knowledge and a good understanding of the research landscape. These knowledge and skills enable me to critically evaluate the wide range of solutions and technologies require(d). In addition, NGS supervisors have imparted techniques which enable me to effectively breakdown and determine the usefulness of scientific literatures, allowing me to interpret and analyze market trend for business and product strategy formulation.” Candy Yi Xuan Lim (NGS Ph.D. 2014) 

About NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) 

The NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) was established to spearhead exceptional integrative PhD research and education that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

  • Our multi-disciplinary environment affords exceptionally gifted, motivated students tremendous flexibility. If they choose to, students can explore the possibility of dipping into fields of study and research different from the disciplines they originate from.
  • Our students have access to a world-class infrastructure, and receive research supervision from distinguished academics from two (or more) different fields of their choosing and interests.
  • And, the curriculum is tailor-made by and to each individual student’s needs and interests, and affords ample opportunities to ensure and enhance integrative learning.  

NGS has tight links with the relevant Faculties/Schools at NUS, and the various research institutes of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore - Singapore’s national lead agency in research in the sciences and technological domains.  

NGS also taps into the University’s worldwide web of synergistic, complementary partnerships with a select number of world-leading overseas research institutes and knowledge organisations in the USA, the UK, Continental Europe, Japan, China, Australia, etc. Thus, NGS is able to offer gifted students the opportunity to engage in globally progressive research in superb research facilities both within Singapore and further afield.  

NGS also encourages and funds the attendance of, and presentations in, international conferences and exhibitions, so that our students may have numerous opportunities to interact with renowned research scientists and fellow colleagues across the world. 

Such a totality in research and education effectively sharpen their critical thinking skills, and help them to design their Ph.D. projects in creative and interesting ways.

NGS’ integrative mission is best exemplified by our unique programmes in Neuroscience, Computational & Systems Biology, Interactive & Digital Media, Carbon Science & Technology, Bioimaging, Environmental Life Sciences Engineering and Solar Energy - each a highly-specialised “networked group” that brings together world-renowned research scientists and academics from various domains, from NUS, Nanyang Technological University (another Singapore’s top university), and/or research institutes to collaboratively tackle research problems and pioneer discoveries that continuously re-draw the boundaries of science & technologies. Information on these programmes and the overarching spectrum of fields of research covered is available in detail on NGS’ website.  

About National University of Singapore (NUS) 

National University of Singapore (NUS) enjoys a global standing as one of Asia’s best universities and amongst the world’s top 30. The multi-campus University, with distinctive strengths in education and research, features strong entrepreneurial and global dimensions in its multi-faceted initiatives. An NUS education optimises students’ potential, broaden intellectual horizons and shape global outlooks. It leverages on NUS’ multi-disciplinary strengths to deliver a comprehensive, broad-based education. A vibrant residential life, and exciting cultural and sporting pursuits add to the learning and living experience. 

What Next?  

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“Ph.D. ... will teach you resilience, passion, humility, and a deep sense of appreciation for every good thing that comes your way.” Jasmine Fen Fen Soon (NGS Ph.D. 2013)