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How to get a Scholarship for a US Masters

Friday, 03 January 2014 11:15

There is no doubt that taking an MBA in the USA is perceived to be a well earned qualification; at the cutting edge of academic business study.  Their graduates are in demand at some of the world’s leading technological and creative firms. It is often as much about the network of people you meet from around the world as the content of the course which will prepare you for a range of career options, from financial planning to accounting to learning to becoming an entrepreneur.

US Colleges have traditionally been expensive, but they are well ranked in the world, offer strong courses and facilities that are the envy of the academic world. These Masters programs come with a price tag that often prohibits students from being able to pursue them. Today, the average cost of a two-year MBA programme exceeds $60,000 and can be as high as $100,000 for tuition board and lodgings. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of living on top of this.

But the good news is that there are many scholarship opportunities available to international students who achieve a decent undergraduate degree and GRE scores.

InTuition Scholarships specialises in securing both educational awards for students applying to the US for masters and undergraduate degrees.

“International Scholarships are available to candidates who are looking to apply” says Director Norman Renshaw.  He continues “these can be secured by individual approaches or through an organisation such as InTuition Scholarships that source a number of scholarship awards for candidates.  We work on a success based system, charging a fee for the sourcing and then for help through the admission process, but only if they secure the awards”.

Eligible students applying for scholarship help to pursue an MBA degree at an American university will receive at least three scholarship offers to the following values:
•    One offer where you will pay no more than $12,000 towards College costs annually
•    Two offers where you will pay no more than $20,000 towards College costs annually

So there are ways to rise to the top without drowning in debt.

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Scholarships are not just available for special interest groups or those studying in certain subject areas. Here's more information on scholarships for international students.