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Financial Support at University

Friday, 15 September 2017 15:15

One of the biggest worries about starting university/college is the amount of money that this big life step takes. One way to help with this is to apply for a scholarship. A scholarship is a grant given by various organisations to help support a student’s education and the best part - you don’t ever have to pay it back! However, most organisations that offer scholarships consider them an investment rather than a gift and there will be certain expectations of you. For example, athletic scholarships come with the expectation of maintaining a certain grade point average as well as performing on the field, or for other scholarships you may be expected to enter a certain career once you graduate, such as medicine.

There are many different types of scholarships available and these are given out for multiple reasons. Some examples of these are:

Academic scholarships
These are given to students with a high grade point average, with the promise of keeping that up. They commonly have the highest payouts but are the hardest to get.
E.g The Chevening Scholarships – One of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the UK. They are awarded to individuals with strong academic backgrounds who also have demonstrable leadership potential. The scholarship offers financial support to study for a Master’s degree at any of the UK’s leading universities.

Creative scholarships
There are also scholarships available for if you are studying creative degrees or if you have a talent for a creative subject such as art, music and even dance.
E.g The Leeds Cathedral Scholarships – Students at either Leeds, Bradford or Huddersfield Universities in the UK can apply for up to £1500 a year if they can sing, conduct or play the organ for the Cathedral choir.

Scholarships for minorities
As the title suggests, these are scholarships specifically for minorities such as ethnic groups and members of the LGBTQ+ community.
E.g The Point Foundation LGBT Scholarships - Point Foundation is one of the most popular and largest scholarship-granting institutes for the LGBT community studying in the USA. The funds provided to LGBT candidates can be used to cover tuition fees, books, rent etc. 

Athletic scholarships
As mentioned above, these are given to people that want to be involved both in studying as well as a sport team.
E.g. The Foot Locker Scholar Atheletes Program - each year, Foot Locker gives twenty $20,000 scholarships to US student athletes who are high school seniors planning to continue their sports career at a four-year accredited university immediately after graduation.

Once you’ve confirmed where you are going to study (or even before that if you want to be ahead of the game), it’s time to start searching for what scholarships are available for you. A simple way to do this is through the Hellouni app. Our ever-growing database of scholarships is accessible to anyone to search through by typing in a combination of a keyword, institution and sponsor. So whether you are set on a degree or just thinking about where you could study your subject with a scholarship, this search feature will be able to give you all the information you need about any scholarship in the UK and US (and soon to be expanded to Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Make sure you check the deadline and give yourself time to complete the application, which may take you quite a while! It’s also worth noting that when applying there might be a lot of competition but as the phrase goes – “you have to be in it to win it!”, and you’ve got nothing to lose by applying if you meet the requirements.

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