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Finding Postgraduate Scholarships Abroad from the UK

Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:01

So, you’ve just graduated and want to pursue further study abroad, or you want to return to education to get a masters or PhD after years in the working world. Whatever the case, a scholarship to a university abroad could be the perfect way to travel while studying and keep costs low. Read on to find out where to look for scholarships available to you based on the country you want to study in.

If you already know where you want to study, you are one step ahead in finding your scholarship. The first thing to do is to check with the government of the country that you want to study abroad in. It is sometimes the case that the government themselves give financial support to international students. If this is not true for your chosen destination or you do not know which specific country you want to go to, try using free scholarship search databases. Examples of these are Scholarship Portal for European countries, Scholarships for Study in Australia and Mach25 Scholarship Search where you simply input the places you may be interested in and sift through the results to find a scholarship best suited to you. 


The USA is a great place for postgraduate study, with its Ivy League universities and reputation for quality education. If you want to study in the USA, it is best to look at Fulbright Awards. The Fulbright Commission offer postgraduate scholarships in many disciplines, including the Executive Master of Public Administration at NYU, the Alistair Cooke journalism masters, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the Lloyds of London scholarship in risk. In addition, there are scholarships specific to particular universities but within which you can choose the subject you study. This is true for Brown University and University of South Florida PhDs. If you want to pursue an MBA, the organisation offers a British Friends of Harvard scholarship but this is highly competitive. 

All of these US scholarships are intended to improve links between the US and other countries, so people who have not stayed in the US for longer than 6 months before are more likely to be selected. If you have spent significant time in the US already, you will need to explain what you will gain from the experience that you did not last time.


The USA’s somewhat quieter neighbour, Canada is another popular postgraduate destination. With some amazing universities and beautiful scenery to explore, it's no wonder it is so popular. One place to find Canadian scholarships is on the Canada Memorial Foundation website. As long as you have a first or upper class second honours degree and can describe why you want to study in Canada you are eligible to apply. If you are pursing a PhD, you can try for a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. This is awarded based on academic excellence, research potential and demonstrated leadership. BUNAC Travel Awards give out both Canadian and American scholarships so it is worth having a look at them too.


If you want to experience a completely different culture, Asia could be the best place to pursue further study. Due to the encouragement of European students studying in China, the Chinese Government offer a high volume of scholarships every year. The scholarships in Asia also tend to be more flexible than for Canada and the US. In addition to China, the Japanese MEXT Scholarship Programme offers scholarships to UK students to study any subject in Japan. For prospective PhD students, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships for UK Citizens are options. The selection criteria are much the same as that for the US and Canada, based on academics as well as interpersonal skills.

Australia and New Zealand

If beautiful beaches and a scorching climate is what you are looking for, then Australia or New Zealand could be the best place to study abroad. Due to the far travelling distance, you might otherwise not take a trip down under, so postgraduate study can be a great way to see one of the countries, and it can be affordable with a scholarship. The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students are merit-based scholarships to pursue a masters or PhD in Australia. They cover travel allowance, tuition, health insurance, travel insurance and basic monthly living costs, making the experience attainable. For New Zealand, it may be harder to come across Master’s scholarships. However, the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships provide full tuition fee payment and a living stipend for up to three years for international students to undertake a PhD over there. With these expenses covered, studying and exploring so far away from home is entirely possible.

The Conclusion?
Pursuing postgraduate study abroad can be a lot more affordable than people think due to the volume of different scholarships available. While many are highly competitive, it is definitely worth trying your luck. Apply to as many as you are interested in and you could be living abroad before you know it.

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