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Funding Your Study in the EU - Find Out More

Monday, 20 April 2015 15:59

If you are looking for funding to study in the EU then visit the EU-funded student finance portal European Funding Guide ( On this platform students in 16 EU countries access more than 12,000 scholarship programs and other forms of financial aid, worth a total of 27 billion Euros. 

Financial difficulties are still the number one reason for students aborting or never even starting a higher education course. To address this problem,  together with the European Commission – the European Funding Guide have created the largest online-platform in the EU for finding financial aid:

For this task, they have meticulously researched and categorized over 12,000 scholarships, grants and awards across the whole EU worth more than 27 billion Euros per year. The platform is completely free of charge and can be used by students at the bachelor, masters and doctoral level. The site also includes information about scholarships (for example, the most common myths, such as:  not all scholarships are granted on a merit or need-base) with the help of currently more than 6,880 supporters.