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Where Should I Study?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 09:14

You are considering Studying Abroad, but just cannot decide where? Why not consider some of these options…

USA - The most popular choice for international students, the USA has vast amounts of universities scattered throughout the university world ranking tables. Home to prestigious colleges such as Harvard, and gorgeous grounds like those found in the University of Virginia, the USA is rightfully the top choice for international students. With the USA being a central hub for businesses throughout the world, it is an exceptional addition to CVs for future job prospects. 

UK -  The second most popular destination for international students is the UK, which rivals the USA in many respects; with a very large proportion of its universities ranking in the top 100 universities in the world. Geographically the UK is minuscule compared to the USA, but you could use this to your advantage by travelling to all corners of the country and to Europe. The UK is rich in history, so you’ll be able to trace the roots of your study abroad destination with ease. 

Australia -  Australia takes the bronze award for popularity with international students, being the third most popular haven to study abroad in. Australia is close to Asia, meaning many international students chose to travel during their studies or at the end. Students can enjoy the laidback outlook of  Australia's people, and let’s not forget their sense of humour. 

Japan -  This technologically advanced nation is a leading country for research, which reinforces its popularity  with international students. Japan has over 130,000 international students and has stated that they yearn to increase this number. International students feel desired and appreciated in the land of the rising sun.

China - The world’s most populous country is coincidentally also a popular choice with international students. A mixture of ancient heritage and modern expansions, China is set to dominate the world economically this century. International students within China are already capitalizing on the nation’s success, being highly sought after by major corporations. 

Holland - Perhaps one of the most liberal countries within Europe, Holland has become a central hub for international students. Considered by many for its affordable university fees and living costs, it is also notable that the Netherlands is a non-Anglophone country with 90% of the population speaking excellent English. 

Canada - A country of great variety, Canada entices the most outgoing of international students into its vast realm. With three oceans (Pacific, Atlantic and Artic) bordering the nation and gigantic national parks, Canada has four distinct seasons enriching its diversity. International students in Canada also enjoy some of the lowest fees in an English speaking country.

Germany - Perhaps the cultural center of Europe, Germany has many international students who are particularly interested in the fruitful history of the nation. Even more so, tuition fees in Germany are relatively low and in some instances free! With the ability to travel throughout Europe during your studies, Germany is a coveted country to study within.