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GMAT, LSAT, GRE, SAT - QS Leap: the world’s first free, social online test preparation platform

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 14:34

QS Leap: the world’s first free, social online test preparation platform

London, 11th November 2015: As test preparation remains expensive and learning inequality stands at epidemic levels*,

QS LEAP aims to revolutionise and democratize the world of test preparation.

QS Quacquarelli Symonds has recently launched the innovative new hybrid learning platform QS LEAP (Learn and Prepare with Friends). It is designed to allow applicants from across the globe to prepare for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and LSAT – all for free.

QS LEAP allows prospective applicants to learn from global experts, compete with peers, and test themselves on thousands of exam-style questions. It allows for both synchronous and asynchronous learning, and features tailored discussion groups that facilitate dynamic peer-to-peer information exchange.

“LEAP promises to provide better learning outcomes, but without any cost to candidates. True learning happens when there is an excellent connection between learners and tutors. Users of LEAP will have access to everything that’s available at the best of test prep courses worldwide, and also have excellent social learning networks – all for free” said Soumik Ganguly, creator of QS LEAP.

This is all available to students without requiring any premium, making QS LEAP the world’s first and only free social test preparation platform.

In doing so, it empowers students to achieve outstanding admissions test scores irrespective of socioeconomic background, allowing all motivated individuals to fulfil their educational ambitions. It recognizes that swathes of motivated, intelligent individuals are being priced out of the opportunity to attend the world’s best institutions by the cost of test preparation.

“Though many forums and preparatory websites exist, none of them cater to the comprehensive needs of the takers of major standardized tests and even if they do, they do it at a premium. LEAP  fills this lacuna by providing quality tuition content free of cost – no strings attached.

I consider LEAP to be a social enterprise” said Vinay Kanchanapally, who received a GMAT score in the 99th percentile after using QS LEAP.

Despite QS LEAP being a nascent platform, it has already overtaken many of its competitors.

The average daily time spent on the site is above that of many established test preparation sites, thanks to the highly engaging environment.

The impact of QS LEAP on students without easy access to pricy tutors or platforms is already becoming acknowledged.

At 15,000 monthly visits, it is also attracting more attention than these premium-charging platforms.

The platform features  elite official channels including GMAC and Stacy Blackman, with expansion imminent.

“It is difficult to find a teacher in my town who can prepare somebody for the SAT. And there aren’t any platforms that provide absolutely free coaching & tutors for the SAT on the internet. LEAP has been very helpful for me […] I haven’t found anything better’ said Semenishin Dmitry, an aspiring Harvard applicant from a small Russian town.

As increasing numbers of individuals aspire to study at the world’s best schools, QS LEAP recognizes that free test preparation must be the future if universities are to avoid talented students slipping through the admissions test net. To find out more about QS LEAP or to begin a journey towards a world-leading institution, go to