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Which English Language Test? IELTS, TOEFL or PTE

Monday, 13 July 2015 12:29

By Alexander Alley

Do you want to do a postgraduate degree on an English speaking course or within an English speaking country? 

If so then you may have heard of the ELT’s, (English language tests). The ELT’s are English speaking language tests to help provide the validation of skills in speaking English, it’s a test that is necessary if you intend on studying abroad in an English speaking country. Universities can be particular about the students they take on, and more often than not they will choose a student with an ELT qualification over a foreign student without one.  

There are three popular tests to take; they are the IELTS, TOEFL and the PTE. The qualifications from these examiners are widely accepted with 9000 colleges’ universities or businesses admitting students with certificates from said examiners, since the tests are recognised as a reliable indicator of an aptitude for the language.

IELTS: is an examination written and owned by the British council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the Cambridge English language assessment. Their test is offered in more than 140 countries with a 1000 test locations, with a cadre of writers working on the test, year in year out to ensure the test you take will be fair and unbiased, with ample practice material and the ability to do the test in one sitting in a 2 hour and 45 minute test. The price of the examination depends on the location you take it; however, expect the price to be upward in the range of £145 ($225, €203) as is the price of a London examination. 

TOEFL: like the IELTS is accepted all over the world, however, the ETS’s (Educational testing service) TOEFL is more useful in an application for an organisation in America. It is considered the more convenient option with it being cheaper than the other exams at $200 (£128,€ 180), and since the exam is universally accepted turns out to be the most cost effective if you’re more financially minded; however, for what you make up for in money you add in time. The TOEFL exam is a lot longer than the IELTS with the average exam being potentially 4 hours and 30 minutes long. Since the TOEFL is accepted by the top 100 universities in the world it’s a wise decision to go for, with approved sites around the world and with considerations made for those with disabilities.  

PTE: The PTE is newer than the other exam organisations; however, it is by no means any less useful. Accepted by universities like Harvard, Yale and their Ilk, the PTE is also accepted by Government agencies; such as to acquire a Visa with the Australian Government to live and work there. The PTE boasts the faster results with most test grades being received in five days, so you can apply for your desired place abroad within a week of taking the test. The Test is scored by machine so if you have the fear of the examiner perhaps not understanding your accent or perhaps being biased, you can be sure that the test is being impartial and fair. The price range of the PTE is in the range of £155 ($225, €217) so in this list it is the more expensive of the three, this exam is most likely for those who concerns for the reliability of the test, if you have any particular worries for the fairness and security of the test then this exam is for you. 

These are only three of the potential routes you can take for gaining the qualification in English, since there are many more, in particular with Government agencies. However, these tests provide the clout that the top Universities notice, if it’s your dream to study in Harvard or to work abroad then we can only recommend these tests. 

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